Kai Z. FengLast week, Bruno Mars finally met legendary pro wrestler Bruno Sammartino, the man who inspired the singer’s nickname.  But now Sammartino admits that he really didn’t know anything about the Grammy-winning, chart-topping superstar before they met face to face.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard column, Sammartino, who is 86 years old, explains why the singer’s father gave him the nickname Bruno.

“His dad was a big fan of me, and nicknamed his chubby baby after me,” says the wrestler. “When I met him, he said, ‘I thought you were going to be a big, fat wrestler.’ I said, ‘Big, fat wrestler? I always trained so hard!'”

Sammartino says he got to meet the singer in Pittsburgh because Bruno’s manager connected them.

“I was told he really wanted to meet me,” reveals the wrestler. “So we arranged for a meeting, and I must tell you, even though he is a popular fellow, I am not really familiar with him.”

He adds, though, “When we met in person, I was extremely impressed. He seemed so humble and was so very respectful. He called up his father, who was ecstatic that his son met Bruno Sammartino, and I brought a replica of my [championship] belt to give to his dad.”

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Source: Mix News