Greg WilliamsIf you think Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is a big hit, just wait until he releases the third single from his album Divide.

Speaking to Billboard’s Chart Beat Podcast, John McMann, an executive at Ed’s record company, says the next official single from the hit album could be “Castle on the Hill” — which was originally released at the same time as “Shape of You.”  Then again, the next single could be “Galway Girl,” which, McMann says, has been “streaming like nobody would believe.”

But when it comes to the third single, there’s no question, says McMann: it’ll be the romantic ballad “Perfect,” which was inspired by Ed’s girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn.

“Hopefully, if all goes well, whatever the second single is gets rolling early this spring, [and] takes us through the summer,” McMann predicts. “And then hopefully, ‘Perfect’ will be the next single that will be this gargantuan thing going into the fourth quarter.”

This would follow the pattern set with Ed’s last album, Multiply.  The first two singles from that album — “Sing” and “Don’t” — were upbeat, but the third one, “Thinking Out Loud,” was a romantic ballad that became, well, gargantuan.

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Source: Mix News