Varese SarabandeAn official video for Annie Lennox‘s first new song in eight years, “Requiem for a Private War,” which the former Eurythmics singer wrote for the new film A Private War, debuted today on Lennox’s official YouTube channel. The movie tells the story of acclaimed war correspondent Marie Colvin, who was killed while covering the Syrian civil war in 2012.

The clip begins with Lennox explaining how she got involved in the project.

“We were invited to see the sort of almost-finished version of the film at a viewing, and it was extremely powerful,” she notes. “What really drew me was Marie, and knowing I’d been asked to write a song. It’s an honor to be part of this project.”

The video goes on to show dramatic highlights of the film, including harrowing scenes of Colvin, portrayed by Rosamund Pike, in various war-torn scenarios. The clip also includes behind-the-scenes footage of Lennox working on the song.

The end of the video includes a message explaining that proceeds from the song will benefit the Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network, which “supports female journalists working in the Arab world, through mentoring, networking, training opportunities, mental health care and other forms of practical advice and support.”

In a message accompanying the YouTube video, Lennox says, “Writing ‘Requiem for a Private War’ for the film A Private War has not only given me an opportunity to honor Marie Colvin, but also aims to amplify the ‘truth to power’ message she fought all her life to convey to the world, regarding the atrocious consequences of warfare and its effects upon innocent civilian populations.”

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