Atlantic Records/STXfilmsYou can hear Kelly Clarkson‘s new song “Broken & Beautiful” throughout the new, final trailer for the upcoming animated movie UglyDolls — and you can hear her act in the trailer, too.

As previously reported, Kelly plays Moxy, an UglyDoll who travels to the town of Perfection, where only the prettiest dolls will be matched up with human children in the “big world.”  She and her friends, voiced by Blake Shelton, Pitbull and others, are treated badly by the residents of Perfection because of their strange appearance. 

Lou, one of the head “perfect” dolls, is voiced by Nick Jonas. He tells Kelly’s Moxy, “Do you honestly think your little band of sock puppets stands a chance here? It’s probably better if you just go back where you belong.”

To which Moxy replies, “We’re not going anywhere! Our flaws make us who we are, those are all worth fighting for.”

The movie, which arrives May 3, also features the voices of Bebe Rexha, Janelle Monáe, Wanda Sykes, Emma Roberts, Gabriel Iglesias and more.  The soundtrack, which drops April 26, includes new original songs by Kelly, Nick, Bebe, Janelle, Pentatonix and more.

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Source: Mix News