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The Goo Goo Dolls‘ twelfth studio album, Miracle Pill, is out today.  While many artists these days have abandoned the idea of making full albums in favor of singles or EPs, the veteran group believes an album’s the only way their fans can have that “deeper connection” with them.

“I think we’ve got millions of people who’ve grown up listening to our albums and they like to take that journey with us,” bass player Robby Takac tells ABC Radio.  “To me, it’s a special part of what we do…people make a deeper connection to a band when they say something. And I think the people who have been with us a long time…they’re that kind of people.”

The band began writing songs for Miracle Pill last year, as soon as they were done with their tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their biggest album, Dizzy Up the Girl. Frontman Johnny Rzeznik says playing the songs on that album gave him closure.

“By the end of the tour, I just felt like, ‘O.K., we can kinda put that record, and that time on the shelf,'” he tells ABC Radio. “I was, like, ‘O.K., I’m ready to come up with something new.'”

To do that, Johnny says he experimented with different sounds, different co-writers, and even different studios in different cities.

“What I wanted to do on this album was…learn from people,” he explains. “So I worked with guys that I felt like I could learn something from.” 

Despite the experimentation, Miracle Pill still includes those upbeat, anthemic tracks that Goo Goo Dolls are known for.

“Things [in the world] are nuts right now,” says Robby. “So…we’ve been trying to look for some optimistic things to share with people who listen to our music.”

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