David LaChapelle/NBCWhere has the time gone?  The Voice kicks off its tenth — yes, tenth — season tonight on NBC, and through them all, the only constants have been coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.  Adam says sitting in the big red chair is still “fun” and “exhilarating,” even after all these seasons.

“It’s been one of those adventures that, like, I think the minute it ends I think we’re all gonna kind of really realize how special it was,” says Adam. “While it’s happening and because it’s happening so consistently, sometimes it’s hard to, like, step away from it, say, ‘Oh, wow, this is so amazing’ …But…we continue to really enjoy it and have fun and laugh and it’s still a really exhilarating, fun experience.”

The Voice has changed the Maroon 5 frontman in many ways.  In fact, Adam says that he feels like a completely different person than he did before he began appearing on the show. 

“The experience of being on the show has made me more, more professional and more comfortable in front of cameras, ‘cause it’s all I ever do,” he says. “When you’re more acquainted with being in front of cameras and having a microphone, I feel like you start to think about the things that you say a little more.”

Adam laughs, “I still don’t really think about how I look [on camera]….I’m actually not nearly as vain as most may think!  But as far as the things that I say, I take that way more seriously….I care much more about what I’m saying and how I’m saying it, than I am about anything else.”

This season, Adam and Blake are joined by Pharrell Williams, who’s on board for his fourth go-around, and Christina Aguilera, who’s back after taking a season off.  Adam says this combination of coaches made the Blind Auditions especially fun to film.

“Christina has done it a million times, Blake has done it a million times, and now Pharrell has done it not a million times but, like, a couple hundred thousand times,” he says. “So I think that we’re all very comfortable now and it’s like we have a nice rotation going and everyone’s kind of unafraid to be themselves and have a blast and carry the torch for the show…we have a groove right now.”

As for Christina, she’s left and returned to the show a number of times in these 10 seasons, and she says, “It’s really important for me to step away, for me to return and have fresh ideas for my, for my teams, for my artists.”  She adds, “I love giving time and attention to these people who so deserve it and who are just looking for a break and for their own dreams to come true.”

Back in the day, Christina admits that Adam’s competitive streak left her “in tears and crying,” but now, she admits, “He couldn’t be sweeter and nicer and it makes me happier coming back to the show.”  As for Blake, she says this year, he’s “doing a little sneak attack on me.”

“Every time I push my button he’ll wait til the very last second, right when I think I have this person on my team…he’ll press his button. So it’s funny kind of reinventing different ways to play with each other and the competitive nature of the game.”

In addition to Adam, Blake, Christina and Pharrell, this season will feature guest mentors Patti LaBelle, Tori Kelly, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and former coach Gwen Stefani, who’ll conveniently be mentoring her boyfriend Blake’s team.  During the Knockout Rounds, Miley Cyrus will advise all the teams.

The Voice gets under way tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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