Valheria RochaTaylor Swift’s apparently still thinking about her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — if the latest lyrics reveal on her Spotify playlist is anything to go by.

As previously reported, Taylor is posting audio files of herself reading some of her new song lyrics on her Lover Enhanced Album playlist.  The latest file, which she calls “Clearing the Air,” features her reciting, “Luck of the draw only draws the unlucky/And so I became the butt of the joke/I wounded the good and I trusted the wicked/Clearing the air, I breathed in the smoke.”

It’s not known which new Lover song these lyrics belong to, but they appear to be inspired by the July 2016 incident in which Kim K called her a “snake” on Twitter — the incident which Taylor recently described as a “mass public shaming.”

In happier news, some of the artists she’s included on the playlist are beside themselves at having been selected. 

The band Jimmy Eat World, best known for their song “The Middle,” had their song “For Me This Is Heaven” chosen by Taylor for the list, and they tweeted, “holy s**t this is a rad playlist and we are honored to be hidden among the giants here. congrats on the new album TS.”

When a fan asked singer/songwriter Liz Phair, whose song “Why Can’t I,” is included, whether she’d seen it, she tweeted, “I was dead. 🙂 I’m a big fan of ms. Swift- I hope she really picked it.”

And rising star Clairo tweeted, “taylor swift put [my song] ‘alewife’ in her playlist i’m [crying]. speak now was a life changing album for me wow, i particularly remember listening to back to december and pretending i was in the music video lol.”

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Source: Mix News