ABC/Ida Mae AstuteNow we have a possible reason why Taylor Swift skipped the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night: She was preparing to do her civic duty. According to ABC-TV affiliate WKRN, the singer showed up for jury duty Monday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Taylor’s presence in the courthouse was also documented by fellow jurors on social media. One woman tweeted about the experience, writing, “So I just got picked immediately after Taylor Swift. Same jury panel.”

Taylor, who reportedly showed up with two bodyguards, signed autographs and took selfies with the other jurors while they waited. Several photos of the singer wearing her juror tag were circulating around Twitter.

The singer was later excused from performing her civic duty. A courthouse witness said, “Taylor Swift was part of the panel of prospective jurors on a case with charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape and aggravated domestic assault….the judge excused Ms. Swift because of her pending sexual assault case.”

That assault case involves a deejay who allegedly groped Taylor backstage at a concert.

By the way, though she didn’t attend the VMAs, it may be a small comfort for her to know that Kanye West’s video for “Famous,” the lyrics of which caused a feud between Taylor, Kanye and his wife Kim, didn’t win anything at last night’s MTV VMAs.  And the video for a song Taylor co-wrote with her former boyfriend Calvin Harris, “This Is What You Came For,” won the Moonman Best Male Video.

Taylor was never scheduled to attend the VMAs; she wasn’t nominated, and only one of her videos was even eligible.

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Source: Mix News