ABC NewsTaylor Swift is reportedly working on her new album and low-key dating a British actor — but she’ll have to put those activities on hold this August, because she’s due in court.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Taylor must travel to Colorado for a nine-day jury trial that begins August 7.  It stems from an incident in which Taylor accused a radio host of groping her during a backstage meet-and-greet, and the host’s subsequent dismissal from his radio station.

While Taylor insists the incident took place, the host, David Mueller, denies it and claims that Taylor’s team got him fired for no reason.  A Colorado federal judge on Wednesday said because “the central and genuine dispute remains,” Mueller will be allowed to take his claims of “tortious interference” — a fancy way of asserting Taylor intentionally got him fired — to trial. 

Stated the judge: “There would appear to be nothing improper about Swift…making an honest report to an entity with which she does business that one of its employees assaulted or harassed her. Nevertheless…the law requires the Court to treat Mueller’s version of the facts as true at this stage of litigation.”

The judge also rejected Taylor’s argument that she didn’t cause the dismissal: her team claims the station made the decision after an independent investigation.  However, the judge said that the record “does not reflect a truly independent investigation.” 

The judge did, however, throw out Mueller’s separate slander claim against Taylor.  All parties, including Taylor, are required to be present during the entire trial.

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Source: Mix News