Greg WilliamsEd Sheeran‘s most prominent physical features are his red hair and his many, many tattoos: he’s covered in them and gets more and more every year.  In a new video for British GQ, he takes fans on a little tour of his ink collection.

Among the tats that Ed shows off in the video: a Japanese character on his arm that he got to mark his first tour of that country, a big pink castle on his side, which he calls “really, really painful,” and the massive lion on his chest.  He got that one to mark his performance at Wembley Stadium — which at that point he considered to be his biggest achievement — but admits that people are always getting on his case about it.

“They go, ‘What about when you’re an old man?'” Ed says. “I was thinking I’m gonna look f***** cool when I’m an old man.”

“I get one every time there’s something that I’m proud of or I want to remember,” Ed continues. “Most of them are song specific.  People say, when they see my tattoos, that I look like a melted crayon, which is interesting. I guess this is just my eight-year-old self coming out.”

Ed also covers the new issue of British GQ.

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Source: Mix News