Jeff Neira, Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV DistributionThe last time Madonna appeared on Live with Kelly was 2007, but Friday morning, the Queen of Pop made up for lost time, dropping by to give Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest an update on her life.

Dressed in a pink dress with colorful appliques, Madonna talked about her recent move to Lisbon, Portugal.  Why’d she move? 

“Soccer. I am an official soccer mom,” Madonna declared. “I’m a soccer mom that moved to Lisbon. I’m a fat soccer mom.”  Of course, Kelly and Ryan quickly reassured the star that she looks “amazing.”

Madonna did move to Portugal so her son David could join a soccer team, but according to the star, sports isn’t the only thing that interests her kids.

“My oldest daughter dances, my son Rocco paints,” the proud mom of six said. “David is a soccer player but says his fallback career is being a singer/songwriter.”  And Madonna says her daughter Mercy “announced to me the other day that she wants to be a designer of sportswear, loungewear…basically the next Kanye!” 

Madonna added that she’s made a point of exposing her children to culture, bragging, “My kids can look at a painting and say, ‘That’s a Jackson Pollock, that’s a Basquiat, that’s an Andy Warhol,’ and I am so proud of them.” 

To which Kelly replied, “My kids can do that with your album covers!”

But Madonna’s not perfect: she admitted that she didn’t realize how much friction six kids — including four-year-old twins — would add to her household.

“Six kids is a lot,” she said. “And there’s always the jealousy factor, so then there’s torturing each other, and endless fighting!”

Madonna also played Pictionary on the show, teaming with Anderson Cooper to challenge Kelly and Ryan. Of course, Madonna’s team won. She’s Madonna.

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Source: Mix News