Mark SeligerLooks like a change has done them good: Walmart has tapped Sheryl Crow to perform for its employees tonight as part of its annual Shareholders Week event…despite the fact that the retailer banned one of her albums more than a decade ago.

As Ad Age points out, back in 1996, Sheryl’s self-titled album was banned by the chain because one of the songs on the album, “Love Is a Good Thing,” implied that Walmart sells guns to children.  The song’s lyrics include the lines “Watch out sister watch out brother/Watch our children while they kill each other/With a gun they bought at Walmart discount stores.”

These days, however, Ad Age notes that same album is available to order on, albeit from a third party seller.  When asked about its shift in policy, a Walmart spokeswoman told Ad Age, “When it comes to business decisions, every day is a winding road and we’ve enjoyed many opportunities to work with Sheryl Crow over the last 20 years.”

Continuing to make tortured references to Sheryl’s song titles, the spokesperson continued, “We look forward to her entertaining our associates because during our Shareholders’ concerts all they want to do is have some fun.”

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Source: Mix News