Charles Sykes/BravoOn Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen a few days ago, Sheryl Crow was asked her thoughts about the controversy over Taylor Swift’s master recordings, because Sheryl is signed to Taylor’s former record company, Big Machine. Now, she’s clarifying her response to that question after an outcry by Taylor’s fans.

As you’ll recall, Big Machine — and Taylor’s masters — are now owned by Scooter Braun, a development that Taylor has called her “worst case scenario.”  Sheryl told Cohen that she didn’t know what the “big stink” was about, noting that her own masters had changed hands several times. 

Now, Sheryl says in a video,It’s been brought to my attention that some people think I was negative about Taylor Swift on the Andy Cohen show and that was totally taken out of context.”

“To be honest I don’t generally weigh in about other celebrities because I don’t keep up with celebrity news,” she explains. “So when I said I didn’t know what the ‘stink’ was about, I meant I didn’t know what the situation was about.”

I totally support Taylor. I think she does great humanitarian work. She’s outspoken politically and she’s an awesome songwriter,” Sheryl continued.

“So all the stuff about the masters. I don’t know what her situation was. I know my masters have changed hands quite a few times but I wouldn’t weigh in on her situation, because I really didn’t know.”

“So for all you guys out there that think that ‘stink’ was a negative word…it was totally wrong word choice,” she concluded.

On Twitter, she added, “If you listen to the whole clip, I explain that I live with my head in a big hole, and don’t know the details…Don’t go for the clickbait. And stop pitting women against each other.

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Source: Mix News