ABC/Paula LoboSara Bareilles recently kicked off her Amidst the Chaos tour, which includes stops at two iconic venues: New York’s Madison Square Garden this Sunday, and the Hollywood Bowl on November 2. 

The Emmy and Tony-nominated star says she can’t believe she’s actually performing in these huge, legendary places.

“It’s crazy. It’s outside of the realm of what I had imagined for myself,” Sara tells ABC Audio. “So it’s, y’know, it’s glorious!  And I’m so grateful because it means that there’s people who want to come hear the show.”

Sara’s tour comes in support of her latest album, also called Amidst the Chaos, which she released back in April. It was her first pop music album since 2013, because she’s spent the last five or six years co-writing and then starring in the Broadway musical Waitress, among other projects. Sara says spending all that time on the Broadway stage affected the way she performs in concert.

“It’s always nice to do things that are sort of outside your comfort zone because I think there’s so much growth that happens there,” Sara tells ABC Radio. “And so I think there’s a part of me that feels, maybe, slightly more adventurous in certain ways. And I feel a little more playful, overall.”

“Getting to work on a musical and spending such a long time being creative in that capacity was really informative for what we do on stage for my regular concerts,” she adds.

Sara’s tour wraps up November 26 in Atlanta, GA.  She’s also working on a series for Apple TV called Little Voice.  Waitress, meanwhile, currently stars Jordin Sparks, who’ll appear in the show through November 24.

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Source: Mix News