iStock/CSA-ArchiveLast week, George Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz was arrested on charges of aggravated criminal damage after allegedly trashing George’s mansion, which is worth more than $6 million. Now, there’s a report that George’s family might be willing to let Fawaz stay in the mansion…if he keeps his mouth shut.

Fawaz has essentially been squatting in George’s house since he discovered the singer’s body there on Christmas Day, 2016. While George left the home to his sisters in his will, Fawaz has vowed that the only way he’d leave it would be “in a box.” 

Now, the U.K. tabloid The Sun says George’s family is “terrified” that if they try to kick him out, he’ll reveal all kinds of sordid details about his life with the superstar singer.

A “friend” allegedly told The Sun, “In an ideal world, George’s family just wants him out of the house and out of their life. But, equally, they know there is a lot Fadi could say about his time with George and what has happened since he died.”

“Fadi has a lot of film, photos and diary entries about his time with George and he knows ­people would be queuing around the block to listen to his story,” added the friend.

“Up until now he has always insisted that out of respect for the family and George, he would never do that. But if the relationship with George’s family ­completely breaks down, then Fadi would definitely consider it.”

“George’s family are very ­private people so this is the last thing they would want,” noted the friend. “They don’t want Fadi talking about his time with George and that’s why they are considering letting him stay at the house in the future.”

As The Sun notes, Fawaz was cut out of George’s will completely.

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