ABC NewsRachel Platten gave birth to her daughter, Violet Skye, less than a month ago, but she’s already dealing with online mommy shamers.

The singer tells People that she’s had to deal with some recent criticism over the fact that she left her newborn at home to attend a Grammy event.

“It was the first time I had gone out [since Violet’s birth] and I timed it really well,” she tells the mag. “I knew she had an hour and a half to sleep and the event was close by and I did have someone write [on my socials], ‘Wow, I was too obsessed with my newborn to leave her.’”

Rachel says the comment hurt, but she decided to calmly respond, telling the woman, “I’m just as obsessed with mine. I’m also just as obsessed with self-care and my own mental health.”

She continued, “I know that going out and being around powerful women at this Grammy event is something that’s going to be able to make me come back home a more strong, whole-hearted mommy.”

While she’s aware that the shaming is probably going to continue, she says, “I hope that I can just respond with love and education. I hope I don’t let it get to me too much.”

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Source: Mix News