Capitol CMGTwenty-five years ago this month, a Christian pop singer found herself on top of the Billboard Hot 100 — the first ever to accomplish that feat as a solo artist.  The artist was Amy Grant, the song was “Baby Baby,” and now Amy’s re-released her smash in a new version with an up-and-coming young pop star.

While Amy had previously topped the pop chart in 1986 with “Next Time I Fall,” a duet with Chicago frontman Peter Cetera, it was “Baby Baby” that turned her into a mainstream pop star herself.  When her manager reminded her last year that 2016 would mark the 25th anniversary of the song, they decided to create a new version that mixes her original vocals with another artist’s: Grammy-nominated singer Tori Kelly, who was born the year after “Baby Baby” hit #1.

“Tori Kelly was up and coming and had such a huge internet presence and was signed to the same record label,” Amy tells ABC Radio. “Tori was on my radar because of my daughter, Corrina.  This year, the high school she goes to actually has several musical courses and she joined Rock Band and was assigned a Tori Kelly song to perform…[so] Tori singing my song and my kid singing Tori’s song — it was just, like, this great synergy.”

Tori’s known for her powerful voice, and Amy says that’s why she sounded so good on the track.

“I feel like what made ‘Baby Baby’ charming is that I do have a very straightforward voice…it was almost like a folk singer singing an R&B song,” she tells ABC Radio. “And so to include my original first verse and then throw the rocket engine on with Tori’s, like ‘Wow!’ It’s a great combo. It’s great that we’re different kinds of singers and I just couldn’t be more pleased.”

Tori says that “Baby Baby” is a “timeless, classic song,” while Amy praises Tori’s “killer voice” and “energy,” noting that she’s got “what it takes” to become a star.  Amy knows what she’s talking about: she’s got six Grammys, and she’s married to country star Vince Gill, who has 20!

While “Baby Baby” sounds like a romantic tune sung to a lover, it was actually inspired by Amy’s daughter Millie, who was about six weeks old when the song was written and is now 26.  When Millie was two, she even joined her mom onstage at the Grammy Awards as she performed “Baby Baby.” But that doesn’t mean that it’s her  favorite song or anything.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

“She came back from a trip one time traveling with friends and they were in France,” Amy tells ABC Radio. “And she’d gone into a karaoke bar and when she came home she said, ‘Well guess who was mortified to find that I didn’t know the song well enough to sing it?’” 

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Source: Mix News