Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TASOneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder has worked with many top stars, including Beyonce, Adele and Ed Sheeran.  But she says that hands down, Taylor Swift has them all beat when it comes to sheer talent.

Speaking to Fault magazine, Ryan says that Taylor is “pound for pound the most talented writer of any artist I’ve ever worked with,” adding, “[She’s] the only artist that I’ve worked with that has the complete skill set. If she weren’t an artist, she’d be the number one songwriter in the world. If she weren’t a songwriter, she’d be the number one artist in the world.”

Noting that Taylor is “caught up in some drama right now,” Ryan says, “She’s been nothing but kind to me, and thoughtful and generous…I’ve had nothing but awesome experiences with her from day one.”

Another artist that impressed Ryan?  Stevie Wonder, who he worked with recently on a song for the movie Sing.  Ryan tells Fault, “I had a moment where I was sat there and I wished there was a camera filming…it was just like — this is the coolest day I’ve ever had.”

Unfortunately, Ryan had a very cringe-worthy moment with another artist he absolutely worships.  He tells Fault that because of a miscommunication between his manager, and the manager of one his idols, Peter Gabriel, he kept the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer waiting for hours — for two days straight.  He apologized to Peter for two months and it worked: now he’s featured on the new OneRepublic album.

“It all worked [out] well, but that’s my worst story,” admits Ryan. “My idol is Peter Gabriel and I blew him off two days in a row. It’s the single worst thing that’s happened to my career so far.”

OneRepublic’s new album Oh My My is out next Friday.

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Source: Mix News