Cabin 24Ingrid Michaelson has found another use for those silly Snapchat filters. The singer-songwriter has created an entire music video for her new single, “Hell No,” using the social media app.

The clip features various snaps of Ingrid mouthing along to the song while sporting a series of the app’s face-distorting features — including one that gives her a dog’s ears and nose and another that makes her shoot rainbows from her mouth.

“I hadn’t seen anyone do it yet,” Ingrid says of why she decided to make a Snapchat music video. “I just thought it would be a lot of fun.”

The song, according to Ingrid, is “about an angry woman who is going to leave this cheating man.” It’s the first single off her forthcoming album, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, which is due out later this year.

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Source: Mix News