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In conjunction with her latest hit “Never Really Over,” Katy Perry has set up a special space online where fans can come to “heal” from their “broken hearts.”

It’s a Tumblr page called NeverReallyOver, and a note posted their explains, “This is a place to heal from our broken hearts. A place to learn that there’s a push and pull to healing. While sometimes it can feel like those old relationships will never really be over, through time and self-care, you’ll learn to heal. And finally, let things go.”

The page invites fans to “share your Never Really Over story. Whether a romantic relationship, old friendships, family stories, pets we loved, moments we can’t forget…some things are never really over.” 

The site provides a postcard and GIF stickers which you can download to create your “healing note,” which you can then submit for a chance to be featured on the page.

Fans have already flooded the page with messages illustrating the many different ways relationships can go, ranging from, “Actually, thank God it’s over…my ex-girlfriend cheated on me,” to “broke up with my high school sweetheart. Five years later, we live together with 6 cats,” to “I still miss the way we were together.”

In other “Never Really Over” news, you can watch an alternate ending to the song’s video if you listen to it now on Spotify. 

In the original clip, Katy leaves the new age retreat, sees her ex in a passing van and starts running after it.  But while you listen using the mobile app, you’ll see a clip of Katy dropping a bottle just as the van passes by.  As she bends down to pick it up, she misses seeing her ex’s hand, thereby avoiding another round of heartbreak.

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