Evaan KherajWhile many people have fond memories of their greatest childhood Halloween costumes, it’s hard to forget the really bad ones.  Michael Buble still remembers his worst-ever costume, which came to him thanks to his overprotective mom.

In a Twitter video, Michael explains, “One year it was really cold where I live, and my mom wanted to protect us from the cold.  So instead of letting us do what we had conceived as awesome costumes, she blew up a bunch of balloons and she wrapped me and my sisters in Saran wrap.”

“And she said — she made it up! — she said, ‘You’re basically, like, a bag of jelly beans.'” 

Michael laughs, “We just looked like idiots wrapped in Saran wrap with balloons!  We stayed really warm, but it was a horrible costume!”

As for his best Halloween costume, Michael says that was “a cool werewolf thing.”

No word yet on what Michael’s three kids were for Halloween, but it probably had something to do with superheroes — his oldest son, five-year-old Noah, is obsessed with Spider-Man.

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Source: Mix News