Evaan KherajAs Michael Bublé makes his way back into the spotlight following his son’s successful cancer treatment, he’s been speaking out more about what his family went through.

The singer reveals to the London Evening Standard the moment he found out his son Noah’s diagnosis. He was just about to go on stage for an appearance on BBC One’s The One Show in London to perform his cover of “God Only Knows.”

“Three minutes before I came on my wife texted and told me something was wrong,” he says.

She texted him an image of a surgical scan that revealed a mass in Noah’s liver. Bublé says he went into autopilot and doesn’t even remember the performance he gave on the show.

“The worst part was I was singing a song I had recorded with my kids in mind — ‘God only knows what I’d be without you…’” he says.

Now, he says, four-and-a-half-year-old Noah is “perfect.”

“Clinically speaking, it was a tumor within the liver,” he says. “And the most important thing was to get it out, with clean margins. Because if you do, it goes from being this scary thing to just being tremendous odds.”

He adds, “No one likes talking about percentages but, honestly, [we have] a percentage where we can live our life, and not live in fear every day. We know we’re OK now. But what we went through was f****** brutal.”

Bublé and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, are also parents to two-year-old son Elias, and are currently expecting a baby girl.

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Source: Mix News