Reprise RecordsMichael Bublé kicks off a tour in support of his latest album Love tonight in Tampa, FL.  It’s the Canadian star’s first time back in front of U.S. audiences since he took two years off to care for his son, Noah, who was battling cancer.  Michael says he can’t wait to get out there and express how grateful he is to them for their support during that difficult time.

Asked what he has in store for audiences this time around, Michael tells ABC Radio, “I think that fans can expect that music is put first…a much bigger band, a much fuller sound.”

He adds, “And more than that….what those people out there have given me and my family through their prayers and their support, I could never give back. And I think that what they’re gonna see, first and foremost, is my genuine appreciation, my love for them.”

Michael says the best way he knows how to express that is performing live.

“When you get up there and you stand in front of those people, and you’re this big beautiful family in a room, and you’re connected and you laugh and you cry and you sing together, I think that’s a really, really special thing,” he says.

Michael says he’s especially grateful for the special gift his fans gave him: time.

“Because of them, I got to do what a lot of parents who had to go through what I’ve gone through didn’t get to do,” he explains. “And that is to take time off, and to just put everything aside, and just be with my kids and be with my wife.”

He adds, “There’s nothing I can do or say that’ll ever come close to showing them my genuine gratefulness for their love and support.”

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Source: Mix News