Rich Polk/FilmMagicMariah Carey was just trying to share a sweet family moment when she posted a video of her 7 1/2-year-old twins Roc and Roe in the car singing along with her to “All I Want for Christmas (Is You).”  But now she’s being mommy-shamed by people online who are shocked — shocked! — that her kids weren’t wearing seatbelts.

One wrote, “Your kids are adorable – thanks for sharing this! But please please please buckle them up properly, with booster seats and seatbelts.”

Another snarked, “All I want for Christmas is those children in seat belts. I said it.”

When one person tried to argue that the car was moving slowly in traffic, another snapped back, “Ok…. if the car had to break hard and quickly I’m sure the fact they’re singing their mummy’s song will stop them from an accident waiting to happen.. doesn’t matter if traffic is slow moving or not. Seatbelts should be worn. End of discussion!”

Mariah doesn’t seem to be bothered by the criticism: She continues to post cute photos of her family’s Christmas preparation, such as a shot of the twins writing letters to Santa.

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Source: Mix News