Warner Bros.Three years after the release of their Grammy-nominated hit “7 Years,” the Danish band Lukas Graham is back with 3 (The Purple Album). And according to frontman Lukas Graham, this time, he really means it.

“I wrote real love songs for the first time in my songwriting career that I meant,” Lukas tells ABC Radio. “On the [last] album, I was feeding off of other people’s feelings…whereas with [this album], it’s just me writing about the love that I feel for my daughter, for my girlfriend, for my mom, for my sisters.” 

Lukas’ daughter, who’s two, inspired many of the new songs — including the current single, “Love Someone” — but he didn’t intend to write about her.

He laughs, “I would love to have a plan for an album like this, where I’m like, ‘OK, I’m gonna write a song about breaking my daughter’s heart the day I die, I’m gonna write a song about the kind of dad I wanna be. I’m gonna write a love song about my fear of losing [my family].'”

“But songs just flow out of me,” he insists. “I just grab ’em from the airwaves.”

And yet, while all the songs on The Purple Album are about Lukas’ life, fans still relate to them.

“When I see people tweeting at me, it’s very much the same embracing feeling as when ‘7 Years’…came out,” he says. “It’s as if I have this ability to be so personal that it’s universal.”

Lukas also has very personal reason for naming the record The Purple Album.

“My daughter’s called Viola…Violet. Purple,” Lukas explains. “The last one was blue and that tied well into my father being dead and me being sad.”

“Maybe the next one’ll be green,” he laughs. “The ‘Let’s legalize marijuana worldwide’ record!”

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Source: Mix News