Danny ClinchLukas Graham‘s debut album is filled with songs inspired by the death of frontman Lukas Graham Forchhammer‘s dad, Eugene, who died in 2012, before the band hit the big time.  Now, Lukas feels the loss even more keenly, because he’s just become a father himself.  He and his longtime girlfriend Marie-Louise Petersen welcomed a daughter in September.

“I’m sad that he can’t meet her and get to know her with me,” he tells People. “Luckily I have a massive family — an amazing mom, two wonderful sisters and both of my grandmothers are still alive — so it’s not like she won’t have company.”

Lukas Graham’s breakout hit “7 Years” was inspired by Lukas’ dad’s death, and the follow-up single, “Mama Said,” is about his family and his upbringing.  The band’s new single, “You’re Not There,” deals with his dad’s death even more directly than “7 Years” did, with lyrics like, “You’re not there to celebrate the man that you made / You’re not there to share in my success and mistakes.”

Since the arrival of the baby, whose name they haven’t publicly revealed, Lukas has been enjoying paternity leave before the band returns to the U.S. for a headlining tour.  He tells People that he’ll raise his daughter the way his dad raised him.

“Communication is key,” he says. “Being truthful and honest with your children, especially when they ask questions.”

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Source: Mix News