ABC/Craig SjodinIf you’ve been watching American Idol this season, you’ll know that Katy Perry is still her wacky self. But fellow judge Lionel Richie says he’s seen a different side to her since she got engaged to Orlando Bloom in February.

“I think she’s gotten a tad bit more comfortable and a little calmer because of the engagement. I think so,” Lionel tell People, “but still, when the cameras are running, she turns into ‘Katy.’”

He adds, “Always remember something with Katy: What she considers norm is so far out of norm. That’s in her DNA.”

Lionel says between Katy and Luke Bryan, he feels like the mature one at the judges’ table.

“There’s always a side of me that goes, ‘No. I’m the crazy guy, I’m the one who’s the silly one,’” the 69-year-old says. “[But] when you get with Katy and Luke, I’m the adult in the room.”

He admits that while he was nervous about joining Idol at first, he’s now having the time of his life.

“There’s an expression that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ When I walked on that Idol stage for the first time with Katy and Luke, I was clearly out of my comfort zone,” he says, adding,  “But I’m having so much fun.”

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Source: Mix News