Courtesy of Warner Bros. PicturesLady Gaga‘s house in California used to belong to eccentric rock legend Frank Zappa, so it has a lot of “interesting” decorative details, like a giant dragon mural.  But one of the most unusual things in the house is the gift that A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper gave her after they were done making the movie.

A new New York Times Magazine profile of Gaga reveals that one room of her house is entirely empty, except for a “gigantic photograph of her own face, at least 15 feet across, in a gilded frame.”  Gaga says, “It was a gift from Bradley. It’s the last frame of the movie.”

In that particular scene, Gaga’s character, Ally, is standing onstage in a gown, singing a song that’s very emotional for her, for reasons we won’t spoil.  After she’s done, a tear rolls down her face.  A shot of Gaga with a tear rolling down her face and a flower behind her ear also appears in the trailer, so it may be that particular scene shes’ describing.

The New York Times Magazine profile also says that now that Gaga’s finished A Star Is Born, she’s looking ahead to her Las Vegas show and her next album, and she’s also “reading piles of scripts.”  But asked what we can expect from her next phase, she smiles and says, “Oh…I’m just shape-shifting again.”

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Source: Mix News