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Happy Halloween!  Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga, who usually dresses like every day is Halloween, says she’s a big fan of the holiday.  Not just because of the freaky costumes, but because it makes everyone so happy.  In fact, she’s disappointed that every day can’t be like Halloween.

“It upsets me ’cause I’m like, ‘This is so wonderful!'” she laughs. “You ever notice on Halloween everyone’s always smiling, everyone’s always having so much fun?  Everyone should dress up like that have have fun and themed things more often. It’s wonderful to do.”

And for Gaga, Halloween makes it easy for her to blend into the crowd.

“For me it’s a great time to go out because people don’t know who I am,” she explains. “‘Cause they’ll think I’m just a dress-up of me. And so I can go out and have some fun and, you know, just be a normal person.”

Many artists make it a point to dress up while playing Halloween gigs.  Andy Grammer says that’s something he and his band would like, because childlike activities are a regular part of their touring lifestyle.

“We get into stuff like that,” he tells ABC Radio. “I don’t drink alcohol…the [band] know that I’d have to figure out other ways to stay, like, super-excited and interested.  So, a couple days ago we went to a trampoline park, or there’s, like, a paintball session occurring, y’know?”  He laughs, “So something like this, where we all get dress up stupid, that probably sounds right on par.”

Andy’s pal Rachel Platten told ABC Radio last year that her most memorable Halloween costume was “slutty broccoli.”  So what does she have planned this year?

“I think that I’m actually going to do ‘slutty’ something else…that’s not slutty, maybe another vegetable,” she tells ABC Radio. “It’s a really great thing: what you do is you get like a really unslutty costume and then you just put on fishnets on the bottom!” 

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