Atlantic RecordsJason Mraz’s new album Know. — the follow up to 2014’s Yes — is out today, and he says now that he’s past the age of 40, he’s moving into what he calls the “Mr. Rogers” phase of his career.

“I’m really trying to be conscious of my words and my performances so that I can hopefully reach humans of all ages,” he tells ABC Radio. “Mr. Rogers did that very very well.”

And just like the late star of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Jason wants to make a positive impact with his art.

“When I’m writing songs and when I’m out there in public, I have to ask myself, ‘Well, what’s the purpose of this?  What is the purpose of this song, and why am I out here doing this?'” he explains.”I’m not trying to get the girl, I’m not trying to buy the yachts…how can I be of service through song?” 

“I looked at someone like Mr. Rogers, who dedicated his artistic life and his educator life to inspiring people through media,” he adds. “And I have that opportunity.”

That’s what Jason is trying to do with the songs on Know., spelled K-N-O-W.

“I just love the wordplay…following Yes with Know., and of course K-N-O-W is more positive,” Jason explains. “And also, during the period from the last record to this, I feel like we’ve entered into what I’ve heard dubbed…a ‘post-truth era.’  There’s so much more information available to us now that it’s almost harder to understand what’s real and what’s not.”

But according to Jason, the only real truth is love.

“That’s why we put a big heart on the album cover…because I feel like knowledge is power…and whatever we want, love is that answer.” 

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Source: Mix News