Carter SmithThe Best Pop Vocal Album category at this year’s Grammys is stacked with talent: Albums by Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Pink and Ariana Grande are all nominated in that category.  All those artists also happen to have extremely vocal fan armies, which could lead to some arguments online — but not if Kelly has anything to do with it.

After a Taylor Swift fan responded to a picture of all six nominated albums by tweeting, “This one will start fan wars on the day of the Grammys,” Kelly jumped in to tell everyone to chill out.

“I am literally begging my fans & fans of all artists do not fight over which will win,” she wrote. “We are all hard workers. We are all talented. We are all excited & honored to be nominated. Let’s focus on praising art & lift each other up in a time when there is far too much division.”

Fans immediately responded by praising Kelly for her advice.

“Wish more artists were like Kelly, in the sense that they set a good example and try to keep their fandoms from spreading negativity,” wrote one.

Another added, “Preach. Totally tired of those fan & social media wars. It’s not getting us anywhere anyway. And music is supposed to bring people together.”

But one fan had the best suggestion: “Maybe you should all sing together at the Grammys?!”

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Source: Mix News