Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/ Getty ImagesKaty Perry and Orlando Bloom may be a great couple, but they don’t have everything in common.  Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Katy joked that her actor boyfriend is always bugging her to be healthier, but she’s not interested.

ET caught up with Katy Perry and Luke Bryan at one of the American Idol auditions, and Katy said of Orlando, “I mean, he’s always trying to get me to hike! Yoga! Vegan!  And I’m like ‘Auughghh!'”

Luke chimed in, “Katy’s like, ‘I’ll hike to Taco Bell with ya!'” To which Katy replied, “I sure will! Crunchwrap Supreme, extra meat, extra onions!”

Katy and Orlando are now stepping out together openly these days since making their red carpet debut in late September at a charity event.  Katy says their differences is one reason their relationship works…though she did try to change the subject back to American Idol as fast as she could.

“When you’re attracted to someone, it’s kinda opposites attract,” she explained. “And so I’m looking for that balance. And maybe he’s looking for that y’know, [someone who’s a] multi-tasker, I’m such a multi-tasker…are you?”

Katy and Luke, along with Lionel Richie, will be back for American Idol on ABC in 2019.

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Source: Mix News