Elias Tahan98 Degrees are currently out on a Christmas tour, performing their hits and holiday favorites from their albums This Christmas and Let It Snow.  98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons says the group is having a great time on the road because, “There’s no pressure.”

“The tour’s been amazing so far. I know it sounds cliche to say…but we’re having more fun than we did last year,” Jeff tells ABC Radio.

“People are more acclimated to what to expect, so it’s grown since last year. We’ve got a better turnout…and we’re having more fun ’cause there’s no pressure. I mean, we have people in the audience, it’s 20 years later, and we’re still doing our thing.” 

As for who’s coming out to see them, Jeff says their original fans are back… and bringing their kids with them.

“We had extremely young fans, sometimes pre-teen fans,” Jeff recalls. “So now, a lot of those fans are in their late 20s…their 30s, and some into their 40s and…they’re introducing their kids and their families to our music this many years later.”

98 Degrees wrap up the Christmas tour December 21 in Wisconsin. So what’s next for them?  According to Jeff, new music, because that’s what their fans want.

“We said, ‘What do you wanna hear besides Christmas music?'” Jeff tells ABC Radio. “And they’re like…’We wanna hear some new stuff. We wanna hear what you guys do on records nowadays.’  Because we all sing differently now. We’ve had 20 years to practice.”

“So in our minds, it can only be a better product,” he adds. “It’s just a matter of what type of song and who wants to hear it and when we should put it out. So I think it’s definitely on the horizon.”

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Source: Mix News