Brian Bowen SmithMany of Josh Groban‘s songs, like “You Raise Me Up,” “You Are Loved” and “Brave,” might be described as inspirational or empowering anthems.  His latest single, “Granted,” is also one of those songs, with lyrics that encourage the listener to chase their dreams, listen to their hearts and find out who they are.  But Josh says he didn’t plan to write yet another one of those kinds of songs…it just happened.

“Writing an anthem that’s inspirational is easier said than done,” he tells ABC Radio. “Anytime you come at a song like that from…any cynicism, it never works. ‘Granted’ came about totally organically.”

“I’m never expecting to write, like, an ‘anthem’ or an inspirational song,” he laughs. “I’m such an over-thinker, I’m thinking, ‘I already got a coupla those, I don’t need to do another!'”

But when Josh got together with his co-writers, they took inspiration from the kids who are helped by Josh’s arts education charity, the Find Your Light Foundation.

“The kids that are, at the most pivotal moments in their lives, the least confident — that can oftentimes get them on the wrong side of the fence,” Josh explains. “And we were just talking about how brave it is when they decide to join the theater production.”

“When they have that in their schools, it just changes lives,” he says, referring to arts education. “So we were thinking…’How do we write for those kids that are going through a moment where they are so afraid to share who they are, and let’s just write from the heart.’ And that’s what happened.”

“Granted” is from Josh’s current album, Bridges.  His tour in support of the album stopped in Detroit last night, and will travel to Boston on Friday.

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Source: Mix News