David M. Russell | Walt Disney DTCIJosh Groban is such a pro that he even sings in his sleep.

During a guest hosting gig on Live with Kelly and Ryan Wednesday, the singer admitted he talks and sings while he’s sleeping and uses an app to record himself.

“I have a sleep talk app…and it clicks on when it hears you talking in your sleep and it will record you and then it’s like a little surprise in the morning,” Josh explained.

He then played some of the recordings on air, including one where he sings a note and gives a self-critical, “Eh.”

Also on the show, Josh discussed his new Radio City Music Hall show in New York City, which he announced yesterday on Good Morning America. The variety show-type residency kicks off February 14, 2020 and continues on April 18.

“Maybe I’ll break out some sleep-talking,” he joked.

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Source: Mix News