NBC UniversalVoice Season 9 champ Jordan Smith has a Christmas album out called ‘Tis the Season, and he’ll be performing tonight on NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center, which marks the lighting of New York City’s famous Christmas tree. While he’s the best-selling singer in the history of The Voice, Jordan’s still a bit nervous about singing in front of all the other acts on the bill.

In addition to Jordan, the show features Tony Bennett, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan, Garth Brooks and more.  “I’m hoping we’re not all there at the same time,” Jordan tells ABC Radio. “Because I have to actually be able to get up and perform without looking into the eyes of these people, and knowing that they’re there!”

While Jordan’s seen the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree before as a tourist, he says, “I’ve never gotten close [to it]…So, it’s kinda crazy that my first time really delving in at Christmastime in New York, I’m gonna be performing at the tree lighting!”

The Kentucky-based singer is performing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”  with the Harlem Gospel Choir.  “I love that song. I love our arrangement,” he tells ABC Radio. “…It’s gonna be a very high-energy performance.”

Sarah McLachlan sang on the special 10 years ago when she released her first Christmas album, Wintersong, but she’s back again to promote her new holiday set, Wonderland.  She says her two daughters are disappointed that they couldn’t join her.

“They’re in school right now and they’re actually quite [ticked] off with me that they’re not coming to be part of it,” she laughs. “But we can’t miss any more school!”  

Christmas in Rockefeller Center airs at 8 p.m. ET tonight.  Jordan also has his own Christmas special airing on PBS throughout December.

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