ABC/Paula LoboJames Bay’s current U.S. tour hits New York City tonight, and he’ll be playing one of the Big Apple’s most legendary venues: Radio City Music Hall.  James says he can hardly believe his name will be on the marquee outside the famous building.

“That’s a huge thrill,” he tells ABC Radio. “I’ve been coming to New York for three or four years doing all sorts of different things…and I get a thrill just going past and seeing the sign.”

He gushes, “So to know that my name is going to be up there in those lights, those lights, the Radio City Music Hall lights, that’s a huge thrill to even talk about.”

Of course over the past few years, James has gotten the opportunity to play all over the U.S., not just in big cities like New York.  And though he’d been told it’s difficult for British acts to break through in the middle of the country, he found that wasn’t the case.

“I was surprised [at] — the first few times I got to go and play in the middle parts of the country — just the level of excitement and energy that I’ve received just walking on stage,” James tells ABC Radio. “And that’s down to just America as a music lover.”

He adds, “When they love something and they want to get excited about it, they’ll go all the way. And as a performer, being the guy on stage, there’s nothing better than that!” 

James’ tour wraps up October 8 in Kansas City, Missouri.   In early 2017, he’s scheduled to write new songs with OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder, who tells Fault magazine that the British singer is his “favorite newcomer.”

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Source: Mix News