Def Jam RecordingsAlessia Cara’s sophomore album The Pains of Growing arrives today, and it opens with a man saying, “You’re on your own, kid!” and a woman agreeing, “You are!”  Those are Alessia’s parents, who “blessed” the album with that cameo appearance.

“I thought that was kind of a cool little thing to put in in the beginning, ’cause it’s something that my dad will always joke around and say,” Alessia tells ABC Radio. “So I was like, ‘Could you guys just say it again so I can put it at the beginning…?’ So they did…and it was, in a way, like them ‘blessing’ my album, kinda.”

The Pains of Growing reflects Alessia’s own journey to adulthood, and what she discovered about it.

“For so long, I had gone through so many things, and I didn’t even know why I was going through them,” she recalls. “And once I realized that growing pains are a real thing — and they’re not only physical, they’re very emotional too — I realized that everything we go through is because we’re growing.”

Among the “growing pains” Alessia experienced: the end of a long-term romance, which inspired some of the new songs. 

“I just feel like the best way that I write is pulling from personal experience,” she tells ABC Radio. “…And that was a very prominent thing in my life for a long time.”

It was all a lot to process, for sure, but Alessia found that writing songs doubled as therapy.

“I think there’s something about writing songs for me that allows me to understand my situations and my experiences way more than I would have if I didn’t write music,” she tells ABC Radio. “So it’s definitely a cathartic experience, 100%.”

Alessia’s planning a headlining tour for early 2019: “I wanna go everywhere!”

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Source: Mix News