Caleb James

Caleb has been in and out of radio for the past 30 years.  (longer if you count the imagined radio station in his bedroom as a child.)  Caleb and his wife Wendy came to town with one child and added three.  You might say he’s radio through and through.

Aside from radio, Caleb shares the preaching responsibilities for a small group of Christians in Altoona.  You might be surprised to know that Caleb has interviewed Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, Bobby Brady from the Brady Bunch, Eddie Munster from The Munsters, Phyllis Diller, Andy Rooney and once angered Captain Kangeroo over an alleged rift between the captain and Mr. Green Jeans, which turned into some very interesting radio. Caleb says, “When you pick a path in life, it’s important that you love what you do…and I DO, love what I do.

Caleb hosts The Mix Morning Show every weekday from 6 to 9!

Charlie Maxx

I love this job! What a privilege to love coming to work and I can’t wait to get to know you, get to know Altoona and share the day with you!

In addition to trying to keep up with my two teenagers, one rambunctious dog and husband of 22 years – in my spare time I love running, well, I hate running, but I love it too. It’s a love hate thing. I also will say yes to chocolate, a shoe sale and any invitation to a concert! Music is life.

Thanks for spending part of yours with me at Mix 94.7! I’ll be with you every weekday from 10 to 3!

Steve Mann

It’s me, Steve Mann! Radio is my blood, I’ve been doing this since I was in high school. After working in Baltimore, Washington DC, Salisbury, MD and doing shows from the US for radio stations in the United Kingdom, I’ve landed in Altoona to hang out with you on the ride home.

Outside the studio,  I love to eat. I guess that makes me a foodie? Put a plate in front me and set a timer to see how long it takes to disappear. I love traveling and look forward to checking off locations from my bucket list.

You can catch me on Mix every weekday from 3 to 7!


Hi I’m Nikki and I LOVE music! Dance music, house music, pop music, classic rock music, soul music and of course MIX music!

When I am not playing my favorite music on the radio I am at the gym working on my fitness. Also love dinner with friends, red wine, champagne and I almost always have my chihuahuas Stella, Donnatella, and Pebbles with me everywhere I go.

Catch me on Mix weekdays 7 to midnight!