Mosely/Interscope RecordsWelcome to the new paradigm: OneRepublic has just released the first in what will be a string of stand-alone singles, with no plans to release an album.

As previously reported, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder explained the band’s new release strategy in a lengthy Facebook post.  He also explained the genesis behind the new single, called “No Vacancy.”

“The session didn’t start as a song for OneRepublic, we were trying to write a Gotye style song for Selena [Gomez], actually,” Ryan explains. “But when I sang the chorus it just felt right. The lyric idea started with me thinking about my kids and then I realized it was kinda just relatable to anyone. It had a Police vibe I loved.”

In song, Ryan sings, “Used to be that I felt so damn empty/Ever since I met you, no vacancy” — but he sings it “vay CUN see.”

“Yes, I realize I’m pronouncing ‘Vacancy’ an odd way,” he explains. “But how the hell else can it rhyme with ‘so damn empty’!!??”

Tedder adds, “It’s not a first single, it’s a song for April. It’s fun, it’s summer, it’s a song some will love and some won’t — I honestly don’t care. WE like it.”

OneRepublic will perform “No Vacancy” on NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday, in celebration of Live Nation’s National Concert Day.

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Source: Mix News