James Minchin III/RCA Records/Brian Higbee/S-Curve RecordsGood pals Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw, who both have new albums in the works, have joined forces for a co-headlining tour, which kicked off this past weekend.  Gavin says teaming up with Andy was “a natural fit.”

“Andy is one of those guys you just get along with right away,” Gavin tells ABC Radio. “If you can’t get along with Andy, you literally can’t get along with anybody.  So being out on tour with him just makes everything very comfortable.”

Gavin adds, “It was a natural fit. Plus, he’s from the same general area that I’m from in upstate New York, so there’s a lot of commonality there.”

That’s not the only thing the two singers have in common: they’ve both competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. In fact, Gavin talked Andy into doing it.

“Andy had reached out to me before he did the show and asked my opinion,” Gavin recalls. “And I said, ‘Man, you have to do [it] because I think you have just the right personality…I think it’ll be giant for you.’ And of course, he did the show and I think it was giant for him…it was a huge addition to his arsenal of talents.”

The first night of the tour, Gavin and Andy performed The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” together onstage and Gavin would like to continue doing it.  Gavin says when he toured with Train and The Script a few years back, he loved that collaborations were a regular part of the show each night.

“At the end of Train’s set, they invite all the acts out on stage, and we all did a song together,” he recalls. “And I thought that was such a great touch…It just made it feel more like a community.”  

Gavin and Andy’s tour runs through November 9, wrapping up in Florida.

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Source: Mix News