Francesco CarrozziniOneRepublic’s album Oh My My came out this past fall, and the band will perform songs from it during their summer tour.  But they’re not planning to release any more singles, and may never make another album — or at least, for a while. 

Lead singer Ryan Tedder says after suffering what he calls a “breakdown” last fall, he’s “walking away from the album idea for a while.”

Ryan tells Newsweek that after the band released Oh My My, he “hit a wall of exhaustion.”  “I pretty much had a breakdown. I got to November and collapsed,” he explains, adding, “I called my manager and said, ‘Stop everything…I’m close to quitting.’”

In January, Ryan says, he told his manager, “I can’t deal with that album. I can’t promote it, I don’t have any energy left. I need to stay in one city and I need to…work on other people’s [stuff].”

Ryan says he spent the last few months working with the likes of Pink and U2, but he also managed to write some new OneRepublic songs.  The singer says the plan is now to simply release new songs, perhaps weekly, monthly or whatever works.  The first one, “No Vacancy,” arrives tomorrow. 

Ryan explained this new strategy in a lengthy post on the band’s Facebook page.

“[W]e hope you enjoy our new approach to releasing music, you will be hearing it as we make it,” he writes. “Some songs you will love, some you may loathe, but guess what?? Wait another couple weeks and you’ll have something new that may just be your favorite thing ever.”

Ryan adds, “My goal for now is I want people to bliss out. We are in some dark times, we wanna make some lifted music that helps people feel happy.”

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Source: Mix News