ABC/Ida Mae AstuteWant to experience Elle King in 360 degrees? The singer is premiering her virtual reality film, Up Close and Personal, this Friday. People has the first look at the film, which you can watch in 360 degrees. In the clip, Elle talks about overcoming past insecurities.

“When I was a little girl…I felt awkward-looking, so I would look in the mirror, and I didn’t feel beautiful,” she says.

The singer adds that while her mom always told her she was beautiful, she had to go on her own journey to come to that realization. She says she began learning about finding beauty in people’s differences when she started getting tattoos as a young teen.

“I don’t sing, walk, talk, act like anyone else,” she says. “That’s what I think is beautiful: People that stand out. Because if we all looked the same, I think the world would be a really boring place.”

Elle has accumulated around 50 tattoos, one of which is a piece dedicated to her fiancé Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson.

“I met the love of my life, Fergie,” she says. “I got a huge chest piece that’s a knife through a heart — and it’s got his name right through the middle. Just like my song, you’ve gotta live your life like it’s your last damn night: I met him, and the next day, I was supposed to fly back to America, and I didn’t get on my flight.”

Up Close and Personal will premiere Friday at Samsung 837 in New York.

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Source: Mix News