Mark SurridgeIt’s been rumored that James Bond star Daniel Craig wants Ed Sheeran to record the theme song for the new Bond movie No Time to Die because he’s such a big fan. While that isn’t true, Ed’s manager says it’s possible that the singer will end up doing it. In fact, he says, Ed asks about it every single day.

Speaking to the U.K. publication Music Week, Ed’s manager Stuart Camp confirms that he’s met with the James Bond people and “they were interested” in having Ed record the song.  At the time, Danny Boyle was set to direct the movie, and since he was also directing Ed in the movie Yesterday, “there was a close connection there,” says Camp.

While the movie has since changed directors, Camp says, “We’re still open to it, but they’re not even having those conversations yet. Ed asks me every day and I say, ‘The thing they do last is the music.'”

“But those [stories] that said he’s Daniel Craig’s favorite act and it’s all happening aren’t true,” Camp declares. “It’s certainly something he’d want to do though, that’s a box that’s still to be ticked, for sure.”

When the publication suggests that Ed’s recently-wrapped tour was so successful that the only way he could top it would be to play a gig on the moon, Camp says, “Don’t! That’s already been suggested. Someone was coming to us, but I think Lady Gaga’s already confirmed to be the first person to do a performance up there.”

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Source: Mix News