Image Group LA/ABCMeghan Trainor is grieving after the recent death of one of her most loyal fans.

The singer posted several pictures of herself with fan Jalisa and spoke about what the loss means to her, saying she feels like she lost a best friend.

“I am so devastated by the news of my sweet Jalisa’s passing,” Meghan wrote. “Since the very beginning of my career I always had a beautiful familiar face at every single show, all over the world, supporting me and making me smile. Jalisa was always more than just a fan, she treated me like I was one of her best friends and I felt the same about her.”

Meghan went on to describe how Jalisa was able to unite fellow “Megatrons” all over the world into a community they called “Whalebox” — because Meghan had a whale-shaped mailbox growing up.  

“I will never forget Jalisa and she will forever be a member of the Megatron family,” Meghan continued. “My deepest condolences go out to her family and friends. I love you forever and always, Jalisa. I’ll keep you in my heart and bring you to every performance with me forever.”

Though it’s not clear how Jalisa died, Meghan ended her post by urging people to seek help if they need it, and included the number for the suicide prevention hotline.

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Source: Mix News