Rich Fury/Getty ImagesNo one to send you a Valentine’s Day gift this year?  No worries — Katy Perry and Zedd have got us all covered with a new song promised for 8:00 a.m. ET Thursday morning, courtesy of two brief video teasers they released on their respective social media Wednesday night. 

Over ominous, droning music, we see Zedd running on a treadmill in a bright, white, clinical setting, as an equally clinical female voice intones: “What do you see here?  Define obsession.  Define normal.  Define love.” 

Accompanying those words are images of Zedd sitting in a chair with electrodes attached to his head, as he’s studied by indistinct figures on the other side of a glass.  As the voice asks, “Define love,” we cut to an image of Zedd pressing a doorbell, whereupon the door’s opened by an unseen someone and Zedd steps inside.

Katy’s video teaser answered the questions asked in Zedd’s.  Over the same music, we see Katy standing in wait on the other side of that door, dressed in a black-and-red vinyl dress with matching hat.  On her face is a fixed, vapid smile. 

“Obsession is an unhealthy dependency,” Katy’s voice declares, with a glimpse of her on a laboratory table — clearly, she’s some kind of robot.  “Normal is the average in the eyes of society,” she continues, but when she gets to the definition of love, her voice stutters and we see the expression on her face falter — just for an instant.  Then the doorbell rings and she moves to answer it. 

Both teasers end with the same four-note motif and the song’s title: “365.”

Zedd teased a Katy Perry collaboration as far back as November, when the DJ and producer posted a video of Katy’s dog, Nugget, sitting on the mixing board in a recording studio.

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Source: Mix News