Andy Lecompte @andylecompteMadonna will premiere the video for her new single “Medellín” on MTV April 24, but ahead of that, she’s posted a little behind-the-scenes video that gives us a look at the making of the clip.

The video starts with a voiceover from Madonna, in which she apparently tells us the plot of the clip. “Oh my God, it’s crazy, I got kidnapped,” she says. “I was tied to a tree in the Amazon forest, I was there for months! And I escaped and I found myself in Medellín. I had to get a job, so I became a cha-cha instructor.”

We then see a montage of Madonna, wearing a short brunette wig, a skirt, heels and a red eye patch, teaching a group of people how to dance.  A woman — who may be the clip’s director — says, “It’s so fun to have M as our cha-cha instructor in this magical world which shows a few different personas of Madame X.”

As previously reported, Madame X is the name of Madonna’s new album, due in June.

The woman adds that Madonna is very “cheeky” because she just “put everything she loves into one video: Dance, music, horses, hot Latin men.”  It’s not clear if the woman is referring to Maluma, the Colombian singer who joins Madonna on the song, or another guy who appears in the video, or both.

There’s also a montage of scenes from the video posted on Madonna’s Instagram.

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Source: Mix News