Columbia RecordsCeline Dion hasn’t released a new English-language album since 2013’s Loved Me Back to Life, so it’s no wonder that her upcoming project, Courage, is packed full of songs.

Celine revealed the track list for Courage on Instagram and it includes 16 songs in all, plus four additional songs on the Deluxe edition.  Four of the songs have already been released: “Flying on My Own,” “Imperfections,” “Lying Down,” and the title track.

Many of the songs’ titles — “For the Lover I That I Lost, “I Will Get Stronger,” “Lovers Never Die” and “Say Yes” among them — seem to speak to Celine’s own journey in recent years.  She’s weathered the near simultaneous loss of her husband and brother to cancer and various illnesses, and subsequently reinvented herself as a fashion icon and businesswoman who’s finally calling all the shots. 

Here’s the full track listing for Courage, which is coming out November 15:

“Flying on My Own”
“Lovers Never Die”
“Falling in Love Again”
“Lying Down”
“Change My Mind”
“Say Yes”
“Nobody’s Watching”
“The Chase”
“For the Lover That I Lost”
“I Will Be Stronger”
“How Did You Get Here”
“Look at Us Now”
“Perfect Goodbye”

Deluxe Edition tracks:

“Best of All”
“Heart of Glass”
“The Hard Way”

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Source: Mix News