John Shearer/Getty Images via ABCCeline Dion made quite a splash with the launch of Célinununu, her gender-neutral clothing line for kids.  Some even called the clothing “satanic” because it’s bucking stereotypes of what kinds of clothing boys and girls should wear.  But Celine says that type of criticism is to be expected when you try to do something out-of-the-box.

“Any time you introduce change, you’re going to get a bit of pushback — this is normal,” she tells Refinery 29. “We’re also getting a lot of great feedback from people who understand that I’m not trying to tell parents how to raise their children.”

“Every parent should do what they feel is right for them and for their children,” she adds. “We’re just offering other choices and letting them know that you don’t have to follow stereotypes.”

Celine also denies that she’s trying to “shift gender norms” with the clothes. 

“It’s more about offering choice and giving children a chance to feel free to find their own individuality, their own true essence without being tied to stereotypes,” she explains.

As for where she got the idea, Celine told HLN that it all started when she took her twin boys to Disney for the first time.

“I thought they’d go for the big superheros. They were looking at princesses and they all wanted to be Minnie Mouse,” she said. “And then I said, ‘But what about Mickey?’  And then I’m saying to myself, ‘You know what? It’s O.K. And you know why it’s O.K.? Because they’re talking. They’re finding themselves.'”

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