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Today, Celine Dion is celebrating her 49th birthday, and after what might have been the most difficult year of her life, the diva seems to be thriving.

Though she lost her husband and her brother last year, Celine is busier than ever. In addition to her Las Vegas residency, she also has a major tour of Europe and the U.K. planned for this summer.  She’s featured on the top 10 soundtrack of the smash movie Beauty and the Beast, and is launching her collection of leather goods this fall.

What’s more, Celine looks amazing, thanks to her partnership with stylist Law Roach.  Her edgy new look has been making headlines in the fashion press since last summer, and recently landed her on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

Roach tells the British paper The Telegraph, “I’m a firm believer that things happen when they are supposed to and I think that us partnering up when we did…was meant to be.”

He adds, “She was dealing with…the death of her husband and her brother. She was going through a lot of tragedy and, these are her words, the dresses and the bags and these lighter moments have helped her with her recovery.”

“Beyond anything else, it’s just enough for me that this amazing woman has had a good time and that I could help in any way with her healing process,” says Roach.

According to The Telegraph, thanks to Roach, designers are now fighting to dress Celine.

People knew her as the voice and this legendary pop icon, but she’s letting you see another side to her now,” explains Roach. “She’s reminding us all that fashion is entertainment and art and that it’s something to be enjoyed rather than feared.”

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